Baby Born Without Eyes Turns into a Musical Prodigy

Learning they were about to become parents, Patrick John and Patricia Hughes were overjoyed. They had been anticipating parenthood and had plans of fishing, playing catch and performing other adventures with their child.

They never thought these dreams would be taken away from them until their son was born without eyes. Patrick Henry was born with a condition where his ligaments would never stretch to allow his arms or legs to straighten entirely and he did not have eyes.

Confined to a wheelchair and fitted with artificial eyes, Patrick Henry was very limited as to what he could do. But these limitations didn’t mean Patrick Henry wasn’t gifted in other areas. He loved music and soon showed an immense talent for being able to play the piano.

When Patrick Henry was just one-year-old, Patricia would place him along side herself and play a tune. Patrick immediately repeated the sound by finding the keys himself. Patrick John and Patricia soon realized their son was a musical prodigy.

By the time Patrick Henry was two-years-old, he was able to play so well; he could even take requests. As Patrick Henty grew older people realized his disability was not going to hold him back. He continued to play the piano and also learned the trumpet.

With the help of his dad, Patrick Henry played the trumpet at public and school performances and later joined the marching band at the University of Louisville.

Patrick Henry doesn’t look at himself as having a disability; he considers how lucky he is with his abilities. He and his father work as a duo to show the rest of the world that they will let nothing hold him back.

The bond Patrick John hoped he would have with his son turned into a stronger and better one than he ever dreamed could be possible.

God made me blind and unable to walk. Big deal. He gave me the musical gifts I have and the great opportunity to meet new people.

Watch the video below to see Patrick Hughes’ incredible story. Share this inspirational story with your friends and family to spread awareness that you are not defined by your disabilities. Anything is possible.