Brother and Sister Duet Give Listeners Goosebumps with their Mashup of an Elvis Classic and Other Other Favorite

Many musical artists create mashups of their own music or that of others. These artistic creations are popular with cappella groups, cover bands, and DJs. It can take years to perfect ones musical knowledge to find the right songs that will blend well together for a great sound. These siblings have found two famous classics and turned them into a beautiful mashup as part of their hobby.

The duo consisting of a brother, Kenny Holland and his sister, Capri have surpassed other artists with their mashup using two classic songs. This brother and sister team discovered their love of music and wanted to put their musical talents to work by creating a beautiful mashup of two classic songs they both appreciate.

Capri sings an Elvis classic while her brother, Kenny delicately begins to play the piano. As Capri starts singing the opening line of Elvis’s hit tune, ‘Can’t Help Loving You’, Kenny joins in to harmonize with her. This rendition is such an amazing and soothing duet; listeners can’t stop playing it over and over.

It took some creativity and courage to bring two well-known classics, ‘Can’t Help Loving You’ by Elvis and the timeless classic, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and turn them into their signature sound. Listeners hearing how perfectly this brother and sister’s voices blend together are said to get goosebumps.

Listeners wonder if this duo will continue to create original music as good as this song. It appears the two have a bright future ahead of them and it is hoped they continue to think outside-the-box and put together more great music.

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