Can You Find All The 8’s In This Image? Only A Few Can See The Exact Amount

To solve brain teasers and quizzes is something which I began to appreciate after getting older.

Who knows — it might have something to do with the fact that technology has made our lives much simpler. So we must find new ways to exercise our mind.

I believe it’s good for all of us to sit down every day and have a rest — that way we can allow the brain work in new and different ways.

I really needed to concentrate to finish this puzzle! And it’s not just the concentration of your brain needed, but also your eyes.

Typically, it’s about finding a tiny detail in a broader context — and only after discovering that important bit, it is possible to finish the challenge.

Sometimes you must sit and think, sometimes you have the right answer straight away.

It depends upon the day, a few are better than others, I believe this type of exercise, which as I said, you might not be doing a lot of in this technological age, is really helpful for us.

The puzzle instructions are pretty straightforward. The picture is filled with several number B’s and in between them, there are some hidden 8’s.

The task is to find out how many 8’s there is. But the catch is that you need to count them all within 10 seconds.

Only three out of ten of my friends were able to get them right. Let’s see if you can prove that these statistics are wrong!

How many 8’s can you see in this picture?

(Remember, you only have 10 seconds to attempt and find them all)

Now make sure you decide on a number!

How many 8’s did you find?

I hope you didn’t take longer than 10 seconds as it gets much easier if you do it with no time pressure!

Below, you can see where all 8’s are:

So let’s see if you got the right answer.

There are eight 8’s in the above image, 7 are in between the B’s, but one is in the title question!

Did you find over 6? You did a fantastic job then! Press the share button so you can challenge your friends!