Deputy’s Belgian Malinois Refuses To Go To Work Until he gets his Belly Rub

The Belgian Malinois dog breed makes for a great K-9 Officer as they have a high drive and strong work ethics. This breed is perfect for detecting narcotics which is the task assigned to Jango Fett from the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland.

Jango Fett is assigned to Deputy Ryan Costin, and would typically do anything for him, including taking a bullet. That is why it was so out of character one beautiful spring day when Jango refused to get into the vehicle as directed by his handler, Deputy Costin.

Jango peacefully protested the request right outside of the patrol car on a grassy piece of lawn. Finding her husband’s cajoling, pleading and gesturing to get Jango in the car hilarious, Cassie filmed the two-minute episode.

The film shows the rebelling Malinois take a second thought about getting into the car and then suddenly avert his eyes and flop back into the grass. As a trained deputy, Officer Costin isn’t in the habit of rewarding civil disobedience, but that’s what it takes to get Jango in the car.

Deputy Costin bends down by Jango and gives his belly a few good scratches and a pat which does the trick and sends the now willing Malinois into the back seat.

The video was a big hit back at the station, and the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office decided to share the funny clip on their Facebook page.

Check out the adorable protest in the video below:

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