Dog Swims Out into Harbor Every Day to Join His Unique Friend

The crew of BBC’s Countryfile was filming in the harbor of Tory Island when they witnessed an unusual friendship in the water. In the harbor to capture some of the scenic shots, they captured unique footage of a Labrador retriever swimming with a dolphin instead.

This footage was not a one-time occurrence between the two swimmers. The Labrador swims out to his friend for a meeting on most days. The video shot by Countryfile is played to viewers with, James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” playing in the background.

The dolphin is well-known in the town and has been named Dougie the Dolphin. The Labrador lives at a nearby hotel. Harbhajan Singh, known across the globe as a cricket champion, best describes the friendship between these two. He states:

Friendship is a commitment between others that goes beyond all barriers. When you are ready to expect good, bad or ugly from your friends, then you can expect anything.

The sweet friendship caught on video begins with the Labrador climbing down a set of stairs before heading out into the water. It’s the short story of a real friendship that should be shared with all.