Pregnant Woman Harassed On The Street For Being Overweight

I was walking to the post office today and while I was in the middle of the parking lot, an older man (perhaps late 60s or so) pulled his truck directly in front of my path. He was probably just two or three feet away. He stopped abruptly and rolled down his window and called out to me with a wry little smirk, “Hey sweetheart! Your diet doesn’t seem to be working!”

I’m 8 months pregnant. I’m 5’4 and 140lbs. I look like a stick with a basketball under my shirt. I know I’m small and there’s no mistaking that I’m pregnant and not overweight (not that it even matters either way, his comment would have been rude no matter my body size). However, it made me feel like total crap and in the moment, I felt threatened.

I understand it was meant as a joke but I don’t know this man and he aggressively blocked my path just to harass me.

All I wanted to do was flip him the bird and continue about my day. But I felt that, as a heavily pregnant woman only 4 weeks from my due date, that my safety was more important than standing up for myself.

Source: Reddit