Two Standing Ovations for the 11 Girls Who Take to the Stage a Routine Judges Never Expected

In Manchester on May 22, 2017, an event occurred that changed the lives of many. One of those involved, Hollie Booth, had her night turn from what should have been thrilling to horror. She and her aunt were attending a concert for Ariana Grande and as they exited the theatre, an attack that shook the world and took her aunt’s life exploded.

Hollie’s injuries took her to the hospital where her healing process focused on becoming well enough to dance again. Dancing is her passion, and she wanted more than anything to get back on the dance floor, however; doctors said her healing process was going to be difficult. The explosion left Hollie with numerous broken bones as well as nerve damage that she would have to overcome before being able to use her legs for dance.

The passion for dance and incredible friendship brought about the dance team, “RISE”, where together with her friends and family, Hollie has returned to the floor. While she is not able to dance on her feet, she along with her remarkable dance teammates put together an impressive routine they took to, “Britain’s Got Talent”, show.

As Hollie’s journey is retold and the agonizing trials she has undergone to return to dance is replayed, the audience and judges hold their breath waiting for the dance to begin. The team’s routine mesmerizes the judges and receives a standing ovation from the crowd.

Never in the history of the show have the judges been so taken by surprise. This incredible girl and her outstanding friendships have the judges giving two standing ovations to this group. Watch this video, and you’re guaranteed to redefine the words ‘strength’, ‘commitment,’ and ‘friendship.’